Thursday, 05/12/16 11:31 AM
The Use of Satellite Imagery for Cadastre.

Building GIS based Sustainable Land Management Information System (SLMIS) to be developed for monitoring impact and periodic changes at land degradation feasibility/demonstration sites.

Primary and secondary data of land degradation places, interventions and feasibility study across Nigeria will be mapped and a comprehensive GIS database on SLM will be made available including performance indicators for each study site identified and integrated into a SLMIS website that will also be created.

This will foster stake-holders involve in tackling land degradation in Nigeria information and awareness such as Governments, NGOs, and local Communities, especially this will be directed to the National legislators for them to vote more budget for tackling land degradation across the country which has a direct link to food security, poverty and environmental hazard.

The SLMIS will cover the below listed:

1. Land Degradation Driving Forces
2. Land Degradation Hotspots in Nigeria using satellite Imagery
3. Innovative techniques in handling land degradation
4. GIS Database & Thematic Maps
5. Participatory GIS Mapping & Land use Training for Selected Villages
6. Production of change detection maps/reports 
7. Advocacy and capacity building on Information sharing and use of GIS outputs by line Agencies involve in tackling land degradation problems.