Thursday, 05/12/16 11:27 AM

We are involved in fostering the efficient managing of land and information about land which involves tenure, use and value. Legal, organizational, technical (IT) aspects organizational structures, management strategies, costs and benefits, etc tailored towards better understanding needed of institutional mechanisms to support sustainability relationship between equity, good stewardship and environmental resilience, property rights regimes, individual and collective rights and responsibilities geared towards sustainable development by ensuring that rural areas and informal settlement (slums) in Nigeria have better access to land and security of tenure.

in the light of the above, we involve in the following advocacy and intervention below:

  • 1. Informal settlement and Rural Communities land titling project
  • 2. Projecting fit-for-purpose land administration & cadastre for rural communities
  • 3. Farmers landownership security & credit Initiative
  • 4. Community enlightenment & information on tenure (i.e. ownership), value and use of land
  • 5. Local and central government: reform, planning, environmental monitoring, own properties
  • 6. Capacity Building on Conflict Resolution for relevant stake-holders at the community level involve in land conflict management.