Thursday, 05/12/16 10:56 AM


  1. Accessing level of the MDG Goal 2 achievement and impact in FCT.
  2. Looking at the bottle neck why Goal 2 of the MDG might not be achieved in FCT.
  3. To create awareness of MDG Goal 2 among stake-holders in FCT.
  4. To assist in ensuring that by 2015 every children in FCT boys and girls alike will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.
  5. To assist increasing the net enrolment ratio in primary education in FCT.
  6. To also assist in addressing primary schools internal needs and problems.

Brief Summary of Activity We embarked on the above titled project in response to the mandate given to us to work on Goal 2 of the MDG's which is achieving universal Basic Education including the achievement of the universal primary education for all by 2015. We decided to embark on the project mentioned above with the objective because, there are still certain rural areas in FCT that have not accepted the Primary School education for their children and this is because there are certain factors that need to be dealt with. These factors include Culture, Child labour and illiteracy, poverty among others. Until these factors are dealt with we will still struggle with certain Development problems. Thus it was imperative for us to embark on the below listed activities:

  1. Awareness about the MDG Goal 2 and how its achievement or failure impacts the quality of education in the targeted schools in the FCT.
  2. Assessment of the net enrolment ratio of boys and girls in the targeted schools in FCT.
  3. Intervention Projects in some schools within the FCT.
  4. Talks to stakeholder for them to appreciation the MDG Goal 2 tailored towards ensuring quality education in the targeted schools in the FCT.
  5. Enlightenment Campaign/Advocacy Visit to selected Communities in FCT including visiting stake-holders, traditional rulers, religious rulers Local education authorities and local government councils in the course of the visit.
  6. MDG Goal 2 Sensitization workshop for selected Headmasters and schools teachers in FCT from the six Area Councils of FCT.
  7. Games/drama/talent show case, especially the FCT MDGs Football Games Competitions.
  8. Skills Development Programmes for selected Primary School Children.
  9. Schools Intervention Projects.

We had lots of meetings to come up with the above activities including Needs Assessment Visits to the schools with Questionnaires, video coverage, and taking of photographs.

Key Personalities in Attendance 
Selected Secondary School Principals, Headmasters, Teachers, Village/Town representatives, some Leaders of NGO's Contact list of participants:

  • L.E.A Primary School, Nyanya
  • L.E.A Primary School, Orozo
  • L.E.A Primary School, Karichi
  • L.E.A Primary School, Idimagoro

The contact list included the Principals of the schools and some senior staff, the Town Union and leaders