Thursday, 05/12/16 10:56 AM

A project in conjunction with PAC "Youth Community Technology Center", located at Okigwe Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria an Ibo speaking community. The communities lack access to global information structure due to the absence of basic physical infrastructure including telephone and stable electricity. Thus the project is designed to provide them with access to communication and information technologies available in present day which will be utilized for skills acquisition, vocational training, educational programmes, cross-cultural exchange opportunities, forum-discussions, networks and capacity building, etc.

Particularly, the project focused on providing technology training and access to rural and isolated youths, women and children. It enabled them to develop not only their computer skills but also social networks to provide a forum for them to communicate with each other through electronic mailing list, and the development Of their economic activities which includes farming, fishing & entrepreneurship, for instant farmers can greatly increase their productivity using information on improved technologies on agricultural inputs, weather forecasting, markets, etc. In the of mobilization, human right issues, especially gender disparities, HIV/AIDS and some other deadly and contactable diseases will be addressed by the project using multi-medias such as the internet and audio-visuals to educate poor rural women.

The overall objective of the project is to increase the skills of community, enabling them to mentor others which will enhance their participation in governance, commerce and for other uses tailored towards securing their environmental and social rights through equitable and sustainable access to resources which will foster grass root economic development.