Thursday, 05/12/16 10:25 AM

PANSDI has strengthened Nigeria's emerging commercial and public service media improving the professional news and public affairs reporting essential to better informing and engaging the Nigeria public in the democratic process. PANSDI provides varied and ongoing support for media outlets emerging at both the national and local levels. With PANSDI assistance, Nigeria journalists and independent media have improved their journalism and media management skills and promoted a legal and regulatory system conducive to free speech and independent, responsible media.

This project titled "GIS and JOURNALISM" serious tools for serious story telling is a project with an objective of turning analogue Journalists in Nigeria into Digital Journalist by empowering them with Geographic Information System (GIS) and Google Fusion Table software, data, application/procedure for their use in storytelling and news reporting. We have successfully trained at least 120 selected Nigeria Journalists' from across the country to use MapWindow 4 Desktop GIS Application Software to manage, analyze, map and report geographic information data associated to Stories/Reports and the use of Google Fusion Tables such that they can visualize and publish their data as maps, timelines, charts, hosting the data tables online and publishing local news/stories so that people all over the world will have access to it, especially Nigerians in diasporas so that they can read information from their home.

We also carried-out advocacy for the adoption of the use of GIS in Government and Private Media houses, Ministries and Agencies so that they will have a richer Web-based presentation of news and information because of GIS applications. This will have an overall effect in the enrichment of the citizen's local understanding of stories.

This project has helped Journalists in Nigeria, first of its kind to discover and use spatial techniques in their storytelling. The overall objective of the project is to promoted Computer-Assisted Reporting in Nigeria by ensuring that more Nigeria Journalist become DIGITAL and backup their story with DATA presented in ways that will enable readers understand and appreciate it.