PAC GIS Solution Provider is a multi-disciplinary development consulting firm of a Consortium of GIS Specialist and Analyst, with track record of professional services delivery in the areas of production of spatial data information, data and web mapping services, networking, training and building geodatabases of organizations in the public and private sectors. We are equipped with the hands-on professional know-how to help service the needs of governments, donors, development institutions and the private businesses.

Our approach to assignments is hinged on the philosophy of our parent organization PANSDI which is participation and team work. The technical expertise of PAC GIS Solution Provider is reflected in several ways, incorporating cost-effective methodologies and creative approaches to consulting engagements. We strive to provide unique and excellent professional services that are tailored to meet the needs of our clientele in a manner that guarantees practical solutions to our client’s problems as well as provide value for money spent.

PAC GIS Solution Provider and its partners combines ordinary statistics with geographic location to create meaningful, clear and attractive maps and applies them to development need, because the impact of a map is related to the fact that data is visualized in its environment, letting the user take into account not only the data itself, but all the surrounding factors that make up that data. Our maps are for informative purposes, planning, monitoring, and evaluation of projects, and for program coordination.

Our services are organized into the following:

  • Sector Analysis: Agriculture, Education, Health, Banking and Business outlet.
  • Training of staff on GIS and building of the organization’s Geodatabases.
  • GIS & GPS Consulting.
  • Database Management, Data Analysis, Mapping Services and Field Investigation.
  • Setting-up of IT/GIS Lab and database for organizations

PAC GIS Solution Provider has consistently delivered technological innovation and has developed both a strong culture of working closely with customers and a dedication of its staff, ensuring a unique track record of delivering all the projects it undertook, on-time and to-budget.

Customers-orientation means a lot to all of us. It includes the permanent process of understanding the customer’s requirements in order to prepare future software releases and evolve in line with their changing business needs. We offer comprehensive support and training services, various forums and gatherings throughout the year. We consider our clients as our long-term business partners and this unique relationship has been key in our development so far.

All of our customers and partners aim to deploy applications and solutions where the spatial information is key to real business benefits. Among these benefits are:

  • Better and fast decision making.
  • Time and cost savings for their operations.
  • Increased accuracy in their communication with their customers, citizens, technicians and field staff, etc.
  • Ability to plan their infrastructure better and faster.
  • Increased revenue through better understanding of the location of assets, customers and how they relate to each other.

Our long-term goal is to contribute to the success of all local and regional projects by offering specialized GIS training and support not otherwise available in the country.

PAC GIS Solution Provider provides their business clients with a map of their customers’ location and demographics for use in a marketing plan. One of the few in the country to offer the GIS mapping for business analysis. For existing businesses, the PAC GIS uses its GIS software 9.0 from ESRI to provide market analysis. Using input from the business’ database, we map customer concentrations and the size and location of the trade area. Also we identify industry trends, targets potential customers by demographics, locate competitors and pinpoints where the business might concentrate their money.

For those seeking to start a new business or expand with a new location, PAC GIS SOLUTION PROVIDER will create a map that shows the merits of one area verses another, the proximity of competitors, the drive time from a variety of access points, key demographics of the surrounding population and the socio-economic and demographic data within a three-mile radius. Since location is critical, we use our mapping software to analyze which locations fit the customer’s profile, with factors of age, income and population.

In addition to our GIS mapping service, PAC also offers GIS business counseling, one-on-one education and outreach seminars and workshops, GIS capacity building of both private and public organizations including setting up of geodatabases of the organizations.

We also have Support in training and networking from our mentoring organization in the United States of America (USA) Society for Conservation Geographic Information Systems (SCGIS) and the Environmental System Research Institute (ESRI) USA.

Products we deliver

  • Listed below are examples of Information Products that we produce for clients.
  • Spatial market analysis and database management.
  • Neighborhoods monitoring map and list.
  • Inspector performance activity map.
  • Public land facility list.
  • Official plan designations maps.
  • Project monitoring map and list.
  • Development information map and list.
  • Zoning analysis of the regions of the country including States and Local Government Areas
  • Road Needs map.
  • Others as demanded by the Project.
  • Data Inventory and Management with GIS
  • Trend Analysis.
  • Topographic map.
  • GPS Services.
  • Change Detection from both Aerial and Satellite Images
  • Remote Sensing data and Lidar
  • Photogrammetry
  • GIS
  • Orthophoto Production
  • Mobile Mapping
  • Software Development
  • ICT Infrastructure building
Software and GIS Training Data and Manuals that we have.
  • ArcGIS ArcInfo 9.0 from ESRI with Extensions, ArcInfo 10.0.
  • MapWindow 4.8 GIS Software
  • ArcExplorer 2.0
  • GPS Receivers

One of the primary causes of underutilization of GIS is lack of staff training. It should go without saying that if people cannot make the system do what they need, they’ll quickly abandon it and stick with the old safe way of doing things. And who could blame them. They have a job to do, and the mere existence of a fancy new GIS is not going to help them or run itself. It takes a live, thinking human being to frame a spatial problem in the context of a GIS. In order to get meaningful answers to their questions, they need to know how to apply the tools to the work as they understand it. Thus there is the need for GIS training and DA offers this unique opportunity through its ESRI Certified Personnel.

GIS Training Courses we Offer:
Introduction to ArcGIS I & ArcGIS II
This course provides the foundation for becoming a successful ArcGIS user. Participants learn fundamental GIS concepts and become familiar with the range of functionality available in ArcGIS. In course exercises, participants will work with the ArcMap™, ArcCatalog™, and ArcToolbox™ applications and see how, together, they provide a complete GIS software solution.

Audience: This course is designed for those who are new to ArcGIS and to GIS in general.

Length: Two days (16 hours) for ArcGIS 1 & Three days (16 hours) for ArcGIS II


  • Understand basic GIS concepts
  • Describe the structure of ArcGIS software
  • Display geographic data
  • Query a GIS database
  • Edit geographic data
  • Associate tables using joins and relates
  • Create maps, reports, and graphs

Course Outline and Instructor information is included in registration packet: All Intro to ESRI ArcGIS I and Intro to ESRI ArcGIS II Classes are held at the client premises or designated places. Each course has its own registration packet. The registration packet includes pricing, class requirements, and equipment requirements. Please contact us for the packet and the complete registration information.

Other Training Courses:

  • Introduction to GPS Uses/Applications.
  • Building Geodatabases I
  • Building Geodatabases II
  • Introduction to Spatial Analyst for ArcGIS 9
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