Wednesday, 05/11/16 1:15 PM
Crowdsourcing – another fad or a tool for competitive advantage?

Community mapping and crowdsourcing can be effective ways to inform and measure development impact on the ground. As a result, these technologies have caught the attention of government institutions, civil society organizations, and development agencies. However, while these methods have helped improve delivery of public services when applied on a small, local scale, they have not yet been successfully scaled up by larger institutions, nor has there been a straight forward path to engaging civil society and public and private sector counterparts.

This event focuses on how operationalizing mapping and crowdsourcing initiatives in large organizations can lead to better public service delivery and greater development impact, and how best to build on and share the evidence base and best practices around the use and application of mapping and crowdsourcing. It will engage a broad range of multi-sectoral experts in a dialogue about the measurable impact on the ground and lessons learned from programs that leverage technologies to enhance the delivery of public services.

This event is the first of a Series on “How Can Technology Accelerate Citizen Engagement?” The series will explore the ways in which technology can serve to close the accountability gap—the space between the supply (governments/service providers) and demand (citizens, communities, CSOs)—and create a bridge for open and collaborative governance by serving to enhance transparency, accountability, and public service delivery.

The series complement a forthcoming World Bank Directions in Development publication entitled, “Closing the Feedback Loop: Can Technology Bridge the Accountability Gap?” 

The two case studies and the working paper are below:

Interactive Community Mapping: Between Empowerment and Effectiveness
The Role of Crowdsourcing for Better Governance in Fragile State Contexts
Working Paper: Malawi’s Open Aid Map

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